Elavon brings a competitive edge to your business. Our currency solutions are not
only designed to handle high volumes of international sales, but to help you reach
a world of new customers, generate interest, and seize valuable growth

Whether you’re a hotelier, restaurateur, or retailer, our payment platform gives you the power to serve the unique needs of your customers in any part of the world. Discover how we could add consistency, speed, and transparency to your payment processing and go beyond your customers’ expectations:

  • Boost sales through greater, convenience, incentives and security
  • Allow international customers to pay in their home currency (over 60 available)
  • Offer a competitive exchange rate, while earning extra revenue
  • Attract non-EU customers with tax free high street shopping

Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC)

Elavon currency solutions make it possible for your international customers to pay with their home currency - improving their payment experience, and increasing your retention rate.

DCC is a payments feature that international Visa and MasterCard customers may be offered. Displaying the exact payment costs that customers can expect on future card statements, DCC reduces the risk of chargebacks for unrecognised transactions. Benefits include:


Scalability: Easy set up on all terminals, with no payment processing interruption

Speed: Instant conversion for more than 60 currencies

Rewards: Receive a rebate on every DCC payment - earn more for your business by attracting international customers


Multi-Currency Conversion

MCC lets you price products and services in currencies that your customers understand. Perfect for global eCommerce, mail order and telephone purchases, the benefits of MCC include:


Growth: Unlock worldwide online payment possibilities

Versatility: Pay in over 120 currencies - with settlement in one of 17 currencies

Simplicity: Transactions are instantly processed in your customer’s currency, and funded in your chosen settlement currency


“Since introducing Elavon’s Multi Currency
Conversion to our website we’ve seen
our transactions increase by 115%.”
- Daniel Najar, Founder, Chi Chi London
“Elavon have been our payments partner for
4 years, supporting our payments across
11 countries in Europe for 3 of our brands.”
- Camper, Westwings and Carjuano.

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