As your payments partner, we offer unique insight and analysis into the payments data your business generates. Our data tools can deliver actionable insight into the heart of your operations - and drive your commercial performance to new levels.

Our reporting portal is a comprehensive data analysis platform:

  • Learn: Analyse your customers’ behaviour, spot trends, and generate vital insight to help you make strategic decisions
  • Optimise: Maximise revenue by reducing lost conversions and chargebacks
  • Manage: Capture and view transactions, and amalgamate card payment data into a single source
  • Simplify: Reconcile data across multiple providers, markets, and websites - and measure results against key performance indicators
  • Automate: Eliminate manual processing and create payment reports that work for you

Elavon’s Direct Currency Conversion dashboard offers an even deeper level of analysis: by charting the international origin of the cards you accept, DCC helps you better understand your global customers, and most importantly, generate more business from them.

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